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ZeroedIn collects and analyzes vital human capital and business data from any HRMS, CRM, or ERP systems, and presents it in our highly visual, intuitive, and collaborative workforce intelligence platform.

Human capital is one of the most valuable assets your organization has.

Are you truly maximizing the value of your workforce?

Despite investments in HR management systems, talent management systems and learning management systems, there is still a huge gap – a lack of metrics and workforce analytics capabilities to make the data housed in these systems meaningful.

In order to become more competitive, your organization must become more innovative and agile. Human Resources can no longer operate as a siloed set of rigid processes. Today’s workforce is not organized in a logical hierarchy – it is matrixed and dynamic.

Can you compete at this level?

ZeroedIn provides self-service access to the information your managers need most.


Our unique software platform automatically collects and transforms metrics from your HR, talent, and business systems into powerful intelligence that your workforce can use to quickly adapt programs and processes.

With ZeroedIn, you don't have to switch HR systems to get powerful workforce analytics


Get Personalized HR Dashboards

Drill Down into HR Metrics

Monitor Alerts & Take Action

Get In-Depth Analysis Tools

ZeroedIn delivers workforce analytics tools that give you real-time insight into the pulse of your workforce:

Analyze workforce data against business objectives.

Benefit from the speed and agility of cloud-based and mobile workforce analytics tools.

Create tactical and strategic dashboards tailored to specific stakeholders.

Improve HR programs and deliver real business impact.

Drill down into specific data to better understand outcomes.

Collect, aggregate and organize workforce data and metrics from multiple sources – systems, databases, online surveys and social listening.

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