Why ZeroedIn?

Our analytics model gives HR the essential elements to build solid business cases for transformation and change. Because...

What gets measured, gets funded.

effect cause and impact

If you're trying to defend your budget without baseline metrics, forecasts, and monetized outcomes, then you're at risk of losing credibility, and your budget.

It's a simple idea, but difficult to do consistently and efficiently without the right help. ZeroedIn helps you speak the language of business... money.

We make you the workforce analytics superhero of your business.

Our findings, when acted upon, will result in significant returns to your bottom line — returns that bring you real recognition from your executive team and open a line of communication where you become their go to person. By exposing insights about your workforce and monetizing their effects on the business, we give you the power to make an impact.

Our clients consistently rank ZeroedIn as one of their top vendors to work with – and their reasons go way beyond our stellar levels of service and high-quality product.

Does more with your data.

ZeroedIn is the only people analytics solution that scores and ranks your workforce data to give you immediate insights about the top and bottom layers of your workforce.

By collecting both quantitative and qualitative feedback and opinion, you get really deep, actionable insights into what is really happening on the ground. We unify your data from multiple people systems and clean it up during the process.

Can be tailored by you.

You don’t need to be an IT analyst or programmer to use or understand Zeroed-In. Some systems require you to use “their format”, “their formulas”, and “their terminology”. Not with ZeroedIn.

We adapt to your business, your format, and the way you want to visualize your workforce insights. Our library of workforce metrics and demographics is completely extensible by you without programming.

Is affordable.

The BI tools of yesteryear persist with the promise of customization, yet they still require lots of time, money, and on-staff experts to work well. Other people analytic systems, while powerful, are complex and over-built for the needs of most organizations.

ZeroedIn maintains the right balance by bringing turnkey insights and a flexible, secure environment that delivers workforce data to you and your front lines at a much lower cost of ownership.

Remedies resource constraints.

Often times, clients are faced with the challenge of not having HR or IT resources available, which can delay the implementation of much-needed business solutions.

For this reason, our Workforce Analytics Concierge is here to remedy resource constraints, whether its maintaining user accounts, researching a data issue, or creating new insights and dashboards. We are your team of data scientists and product specialists, getting to real insights, real value, and real ROI more quickly, cost effectively, and painlessly.

Not sure if you need Zeroed-In?

Let’s take a look at your other choices:

Do it yourself

You can hobble along using Access and/or Excel, reinvent the wheel each month, manually copy and paste from reports into Powerpoint, and sacrifice data quality. As soon as you send out the Powerpoint, it’s out of date. It may work in the short term, but it’s really not scalable. Even the latest cloud data visualization tools require you to manually merge and clean your data prior to sending it to them. They don’t do that painstaking work for you.


Rely on IT to build dashboards

How long have you been waiting already? IT is really smart and has business intelligence (BI) tools, but they’re really busy too. HR rarely gets priority over the revenue generating side of the business. When IT does get to you, you’ll find that what they deliver is great for analysts and IT users, but it won’t be easy for people managers to use . And it will only scratch the surface of what you’re really after – workforce insights – unless you invest millions into it.


Use your Human Capital Management (HCM) system

Most HCM systems have integrated reporting, some have dashboards, and others even tout workforce analytics. Your organization, meanwhile, has multiple people systems and vendors spread across the cloud, which means your data is still separate and isolated. Your HCM platform won't talk to these outside systems, so you end up exporting data again and cobbling reports together yourself using a variety of other tools.
All of our clients have tried these options before choosing to partner with ZeroedIn.

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