why zeroedin?

Our clients consistently rank us as one of their top vendors to work with – and their reasons go way beyond our stellar levels of service and high-quality product.

5 reasons a workforce analytics platform will make your life easier:

It brings together data from multiple HR, talent, learning and business systems.
It elegantly presents information to you in a simple and meaningful way.
Actionable decision-making is built into its workflow.
You do not need to program anything – core HR metrics and demographic attributes are baked in.
A pure-play system like ZeroedIn can be up and running in a matter of weeks – not months or years.
Not sure if you really need a workforce analytics tool?

Let’s take a look at your other choices:

You can continue to hobble along using Access and/or Excel, reinventing the wheel each month, manually copying and pasting from reports, and sacrificing data quality. It may work in the short term, but it’s really not scalable.

Most enterprise BI tools are primarily designed for IT, not you, the end-user. While you can roll out self-service reporting with these BI tools, clients have told us that it’s painful and costly because you essentially have to build everything yourself.

Most HCM systems have integrated reporting, some have dashboards, and others even tout workforce analytics. Your organization, meanwhile, has multiple systems and vendors spread across the cloud, which means your data is still separate and isolated. Your HCM platform won't talk to these outside systems, so you end up exporting data again and cobbling reports together yourself using a variety of other tools.

In the end, that’s why clients choose ZeroedIn.

We are the only pure-play solution that incorporates a broad range of measurement models and provides flexibility, able to adapt to any set of HR, talent, or business metrics, and demographics.

Clients can personalize their experience: build a story and context around these metrics. Through collecting both quantitative and qualitative feedback and opinion, we provide our clients with insightful information as to what's really going on.
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