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September 28, 2015

The Link Between Measurement and Vulnerability

Brené Brown is a professor, author and public speaker who studies human connection. As a scholar in social work, she spends her days transforming the intangible, such as feelings and relationships, into hard data. She does this work to help us all understand ourselves better. In a TED Talk, Brown reveals the story and findings of her hard-won research on vulnerability – a seemingly unquantifiable human condition. She approaches her work from both the emotion- […]
September 17, 2015
volcanic disruption of data

A Volcanic Disruption of Data

When you think of big data, any of the following phrases might come to mind: growth, explosion, flood, torrent, etc. With 2.7 zetabytes of data existing in the digital universe today, there’s no other way to describe the amount of data businesses are dealing with than the words we just mentioned. Simply put, companies are overwhelmed with the amount of data they have and what to do with it. There is no sign of slowing […]
August 27, 2015
The data made me do it

The Data Made Me Do It!

Data science is all about the numbers, but those numbers always have a story to tell. For example, they can identify human capital risks, such as attrition and turnover, as well as future human capital demands like training and benefits. In this blog post, we have a story to share with you, too. It is also based on data, or rather a lack thereof. Once there was a manager – we’ll call him “Dan” – […]