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August 27, 2015
The data made me do it

The Data Made Me Do It!

Data science is all about the numbers, but those numbers always have a story to tell. For example, they can identify human capital risks, such as attrition and turnover, as well as future human capital demands like training and benefits. In this blog post, we have a story to share with you, too. It is also based on data, or rather a lack thereof. Once there was a manager – we’ll call him “Dan” – […]
August 13, 2015

A Story Tells A Thousand Pictures

While businesses become more adept at capturing big data, few are really leveraging data’s predictive power because they fail to take into account the context of that information. But that doesn’t stop them from producing charts and graphs to depict data. Don’t get us wrong – these graphics are useful for depicting both simple and complex measures. However, they often stop short of telling the whole story. Without context, people may not fully grasp what […]
July 30, 2015
Incomplete picture of employee performance

HR’s Incomplete Picture of Performance

Measuring human resources (HR) performance is a standard for successful organizations, but the challenge of HR measurement emerges when senior management asks HR to provide a holistic view of workforce performance. HR professionals generally respond to this challenge with benchmarked comparisons and trends of annual employee performance ratings and reviews. However, this method fails to measure the employee’s actual work output and can lead to a gap in true performance by focusing purely on the […]