Workforce Intelligence Platform

ZeroedIn combines 4 unique elements to transform your HR, talent, and business data into actionable workforce intelligence that enables you to make better, faster, more informed decisions.

Workforce analytics for HR dashboards
Strategy mapping for balanced scorecards
Social engagement for collaboration
Collective listening for HR surveys

workforce analytics

Gain real-time insight into the effectiveness of your workforce. Metrics combined with predictive analytics enable better decisions and greater ROI from HR programs.

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strategy mapping

Ensure your workforce investments are directly aligned to business goals and objectives at both strategic and tactical levels.

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social engagement

Get your workforce more engaged with direct insight into the business metrics they impact. Empower them with collaborative tools for greater agility and impact.

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collective listening

Collect the data you need to make effective workforce and HR decisions. Pull from back-end systems, conduct online surveys, perform 360 degree reviews – all on demand.

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How well do you know your workforce?

ZeroedIn collects and analyzes vital human capital and business data from any HRMS, CRM, or ERP systems, and presents it in our highly visual, intuitive, and collaborative platform.

Get the answers to your critical HR questions.

Recruiting and On boarding.

Which recruiting sources work best for us?
How can we maximize ROI on our recruiting spend?
Why do some new hires excel quicker than others?

Get the answers.

Performance, Talent, and Learning

Are we utilizing our top performers effectively?
Where are our critical skill gaps?
What is the business impact of our training investments?

Get the answers.

Retention, Turnover, & Mobility

Which of our top performers are at risk of leaving?
What is our optimal level of turnover?
Are we promoting or moving our people too soon?

Get the answers.

Workforce Planning and Diversity

How many resources are needed to meet future demand?
Do we have the right leaders in the right place?
Are we fair in our hiring and advancement practices?

Get the answers.

Payroll, Time & Attendance

Are we paying too much in overtime?
What is our exposure to the Affordable Care Act (ACA)?
How much is absenteeism costing us?

Get the answers.

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Accessible. Powerful. Actionable.

ZeroedIn puts the intelligence you need to make critical workforce decisions at your fingertips.
Our software platform adapts to collect and analyze the metrics that are most important to your business.
Operational in 4-6 weeks unlike traditional business intelligence and reporting solutions.

Blog Feed

March 25, 2015
5 Ways Talent Analytics Can Boost Workforce Productivity

5 Ways Talent Analytics Can Boost Workforce Productivity

If you want to really boost your employees’ productivity, talent analytics could very well be your golden ticket (though exercise might help!). Talent analytics is a close cousin of workforce analytics. While workforce analytics is all about measuring people from a human resources perspective, talent analytics drills down a bit deeper and applies more of a business lens to help you make smart decisions regarding acquisition, retention, placement, promotion, compensation, and/or workforce and succession planning. […]
March 17, 2015

New eBook – 5 Myths and Misconceptions of Workforce Analytics

Recently, we published a new eBook with some common myths that often keep companies from moving forward with their workforce analytics initiative. In doing so, we also provide the reasons why these myths are simply misconceptions and not always true. For instance, Myth #1, “you have to switch HR systems to get powerful workforce analytics”. Of course, some HR software firms would like you to believe this, but the fact is that niche analytic solutions […]
March 10, 2015

Creating Top Rated HR Dashboards

The importance of workforce and HR analytics is clear and the ways they aid in decision making are unquestionable. The question that begs is — how does the end user, in this case the management and decision makers, make use of the numbers that the analytics produce? It is true that not all managers are well versed in statistics, and making use or even sense of what is essentially just a long list of values […]