strategy mapping

Think of it as a roadmap with GPS included, though if you want a business analogy, think Balanced Scorecard.

Here’s how it works from a scorecard perspective:

Make a list of high level goals that must be reached to successfully execute a strategy.
Break down each goal into a set of measurable objectives
Set targets for each objective.
Plug it into your scorecard, which will measure your progress against your targets.

The Best Way to Link Workforce Metrics to Strategy

If you want to get from Point A to Point W – especially when it comes to improving your workforce – one of the best things your company can do is strategy mapping. We use it as a framework to link workforce metrics to a strategy for one simple reason: it works.

With ZeroedIn

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How strategy mapping works in real life.

Let’s say you want to know if you are hiring the best sales people possible. You want to create a list of sales objectives for each product or service that you can measure to ensure you are, indeed, building out a great sales team and investing your time, money, and other resources wisely.

What can you measure?
You might look at number of leads your sales people generate, the conversion rate on those leads, length of sales cycle per sales person, repeat business from current clients, etc.

Now give each objective a set target.
How many leads are ideal per month? What’s the ideal conversion rate? And so on.

As you move through this exercise, a scorecard will collect and monitor each measurable objective and compare and contrast the values against the demographics of your sale people. The progress of each measure as its tracking against its target can be reflected using stoplight indicators (i.e. red, yellow, green). In six months (or whatever your timeline is), you’ll know how effective each member of your sales team is – and therefore how strong your overall sales hiring strategy is.

strategy mapping

This is the model we follow.

Yes, it’s really different from traditional workforce metrics dashboards – and it’s better. You get context around your strategy and metrics that are directly linked to the objectives in your strategy. As you work towards achieving your strategy, you know where you are every step of the way – and you can take steps to correct course if need be.

Strategy mapping
is not just for workforce analytics.

You can use it for your overall corporate strategy, a major change management strategy, or an acquisition or merger strategy. Just link targets to your measurable objectives and in no time you’ll be monitoring the success of your strategy.

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