social engagement

You want your employees to become more engaged in delivering business results.

Are you giving them the insight they need to understand how they can impact business objectives?

Occasional all-hands meetings and updates on company goals and performance are not enough. The highly dynamic nature of today’s business environment means that the pace of change and creation of data are accelerating rapidly.

In order to truly engage employees you must arm them with real-time visibility into what matters most to the business and empower them with the social and mobile platforms necessary to stay engaged, agile and motivated to collaborate with others to accomplish shared goals.

Instant access to information is critical.


The reality is that people expect mobile, web and social capabilities in every facet of their lives – including their work environment. In order to attract and breed top talent, you must empower your employees with both the data and social tools they need to operate efficiently and continually align their work efforts to dynamic business goals.

As part of its comprehensive workforce analytics platform, ZeroedIn delivers the social engagement tools you need to keep employees at all levels informed of key metrics and encourage innovation:

Seamlessly stream the results of workforce analytics assessments out to stakeholders.

Enable large groups of employees to socialize information and stay actively engaged in business goals.

Accelerate more effective decision-making throughout the organization.

Deploy cloud-based and mobile dashboards and portals to give employees on-demand access to key metrics and performance against target goals.

Empower employees with social tools to follow metrics, collaborate with team member and identify areas for innovation in how they perform their jobs.

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