Workforce Intelligence Platform

ZeroedIn combines 4 unique elements to transform your HR, talent, and business data into actionable workforce intelligence that enables you to make better, faster, and more informed decisions.

Workforce analytics for HR dashboards

workforce analytics

Enables decision support by collecting and analyzing workforce metrics from one or more HRMS, CRM, or ERP systems and presents the results in personalized dashboards with highly interactive charts and graphs.
Strategy mapping for balanced scorecards

strategy mapping

Monitor the health of strategic initiatives and documented business strategies using a simplified balanced scorecard approach that measures the attainment of goals and underlying objectives.
Social engagement for collaboration

social engagement

Providing tools to collaborate, interact, and engage on topics associated to your metrics, giving essential context to others that have the need to know.
Collective listening for HR surveys

collective listening

Capture and analyze valuable opinion and feedback directly from your workforce and external audiences using automated surveys and assessments that you create.

The pace of data creation continues to accelerate.

Do you have the tools to identify, collect and continuously monitor the data that matters most for workforce performance? The big data problem plagues every department in every organization – and HR is no exception.

Make the best use of your data.

Instant access to relevant information is absolutely necessary for success. Capability to capture and analyze it across all incoming sources – whether that be systems, surveys or other collective listening initiatives - is essential.

When aggregated and focused, your big data can be harnessed to drive metrics that will enable HR to quickly adapt programs and processes – and make smarter business decisions on investments that will drive human capital effectiveness.
Stay in tune with the pulse of your workforce.
Collect, listen, aggregate and organize workforce data, feedback and metrics from multiple systems, surveys and sources.
online surveys

Conduct online surveys to any audience and quickly aggregate results.
Enable virtual 360 degree assessments and surveys to gain comprehensive insight.

Gather input across your workforce by monitoring social media channels.
Encourage employee feedback and promote transparency through social engagement and workforce analytics portals.
Gain control over your HR big data problem and truly listen to your workforce.
Need powerful workforce analytics?

You don't have to switch HR systems to get it.
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