human capital metrics

High-performance organizations apply human capital analytics more effectively to achieve greater business impact.
engagement leadership effectiveness profitability revenue growth risk reduction
productivity safety agility customer service revenue growth innovation cost control

Get the answers to your critical HR questions.

Our comprehensive library of human capital metrics creates a baseline for your organization to begin measuring and monitoring the most common workforce activities that drive success and innovation.

ZeroedIn’s workforce intelligence platform collects and analyzes vital human capital and business data from any HRMS, CRM, or ERP systems, and presents it in our highly visual, intuitive, and collaborative platform.

Our built-in integration tools tap into your Cloud or on-premise HR and business systems to unify your data and turn it into actionable intelligence for your managers to use in decision support.

Unify data from any system including:

Our platform assembles your most important metrics into powerful performance indicators and gives you the controls to create and share public and private dashboards, set threshold alerts and action plans, collaborate and annotate notes on trends and impact, analyze and compare progress between business units, geography, job role, or any mix of demographics.

Measure what matters most.